Engineering Specialists, Inc. offers forensic evaluations of various products for origin and cause of failure in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Product failure, explosion, malfunction or breakdown can cause serious injuries and may interrupt business and production.

ESI works with Colorado Springs clients to answer questions specific to each failure analysis forensic investigation.

  • What was the breakdown cause?
  • Did the product components malfunction?
  • Was it user error?
  • Is it a product liability issue?
  • Who is liable for the damage?
  • Can subrogation be pursued?
  • Will the failure happen again?

Investigating the cause of product failure, also known as a root cause analysis, can determine liability and prevent accidents or future breakdowns from occurring.

Thorough Origin & Cause evaluations may include fracture analysis, failure testing, component testing, breakdown analysis, product site investigations, product comparison, material defect studies and verifying compliance with Colorado State Code. The components are analyzed for their intended design and interaction.

Engineering Expertise

ESI provides service in the Colorado Springs area and nationwide. For over 20 years, we have conducted product failure investigations in the commercial, manufacturing, residential, food service, hospitality and agricultural industries.

ESI's forensic investigators and multi-disciplined engineers can determine the origin and cause of the product or equipment failure. Structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineers work together to assess the malfunction.

We work with attorneys, product manufacturers, insurance claims adjusters and property owners. Let us work for you.

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Engineering Specialists Inc also serves the following cities and towns located within the Colorado Springs Area.

  • Security, Colorado
  • Widefield, Colorado
  • Fountain, Colorado
  • Cimarron Hills, Colorado
  • Fort Carson, Colorado
  • Black Forest, Colorado
  • Woodmoor, Colorado