Hail Storm Evaluation and Investigations The severe weather on June 3, 2014 included violent thunderstorms, powerful straight-line winds, and large hail. The Norfolk area recorded hailstones as large as 2.75", the size of baseballs. The hail started mid-afternoon and lasted about 10 minutes before moving southeast. There were numerous reports of damage to cars and buildings.

Nebraska ranked third for major hail events in 2012, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Nationwide, hail insurance claims total $1 billion of damage to property and crops each year. Typically, 1" hail or larger causes damage to roof coverings and exterior surfaces, but depending on the material and existing condition smaller hail can also produce damage. Hail is often part of other severe weather damage, including tornados, thunderstorms or lightning strikes.

Hail Damage Investigators in Norfolk and Nationwide

Engineering Specialists Inc (ESI) has over 20 years of field experience in examining hail losses on various building materials and estimating hail damage repair costs.

This hands-on knowledge is combined with our engineers’ background in building design and construction. We can determine if hail has compromised the water shedding ability of the roof or reduced the remaining useful life of HVAC systems. We can verify questionable hail damage, list storm damage repairs needed, and provide hail damage estimates.

Our customers include adjusters, commercial property owners, homeowners, insurance companies and attorneys in the Norfolk area as well as nationwide.

Claim Dispute Resolutions

ESI offers unbiased, third-party opinions for conflict resolution of storm damage claims. Our continued success relies on our impartiality among all sides. We professionally analyze and document the scope of any hail impact damage. Our clear, factual reports aid in the successful conclusion of hail claim disputes.

We have provided services for the appraisal process as umpires, owner representatives and insurer representatives.

Hail Damage Evaluations for Norfolk Residential Properties

Engineering Specialists Inc. can conduct hail damage appraisals for residential properties including structures and specialized equipment and vehicles.

Typical roof types for residential properties in the Norfolk area include asphalt shingles and wood shake roofs. Clay, masonry or slate tile roofs are less common for the area. Hail damage appraisals also include inspections of siding, air conditioner condensers, outside lighting, windows and skylights, vent covers, gutters and downspouts as well as any detached structures such as garages, sheds or storage units.

Hail Damage Evaluations for Norfolk Commercial Properties

Commercial properties have a wider variety of roof coverings. Apartment complexes may have roof coverings similar to sloped single-family house roofs, or they may have flat roofs with or without decorative mansards. Strip malls, office buildings or industrial/warehouse buildings may have a single uniform roof covering or a combination of several types and with varied useful-life stages. ESI is familiar with the special characteristics of each type of covering and how hail damage affects the remaining useful life of the product. HVAC equipment, Rooftop Units (RTU), flues and other rooftop and outdoor equipment will also be inspected.

ESI has provided hail damage evaluations for:

  • Commercial Roofs: EPDM, modified bitumen, tar & gravel, metal, urethane foam, rolled asphalt, TPO, Durolast
  • Residential Roofs: wood shake, asphalt, tile, asbestos, masonry, clay
  • Exteriors: siding, vinyl, brick, EIFS, wood, stucco
  • HVAC Systems: air conditioner coils, vent covers, exhaust systems
  • Vehicles: cars, boats, buses, commercial fleets

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