Engineering Specialists, Inc. performs forensic evaluations for extent of storm damage in Houston, Texas. Engineering Specialists Inc. has specialized knowledge and years of experience in assessment of damage to property caused by nature; including wind, hail, fire, lightning, flood, and earthquake. Our background in the many systems and components that comprise buildings, vehicles and equipment give us a unique understanding of the full impact of the damage. We can confidently assess whether full replacement is required, or if alternative approaches for repair and restoration are appropriate.

Our staff of forensic engineers can fully analyze incidents that have caused storm damage to structural, mechanical and electrical systems. We have completed thousands of property damage investigations throughout the United States including those common to Texas.

A storm damage evaluation is only as effective as the engineer making the evaluation so it is important to contact a firm in Houston with experience. ESI has been providing engineering and investigative services for over 20 years.

A Selection of Storm Damage Related Services We Offer to the Houston Area:

  • Analysis of Compliance with Houston and the State of Texas Building Codes for any repairs or restoration.
  • Third party assessment of hail damage to roofs or outside equipment
  • Evaluation of structural damage after storm or earthquake
  • Analysis of lightning damage to structures or electrical systems and equipment
  • Assessment of roof failure or collapse as a result of accumulated load, additional weight and snow drift
  • Origin and cause of water penetration
  • Evaluation of tornado or high wind damage to buildings or equipment
  • Assessment of extent of damage due to fire
  • Origin and cause of retaining wall failures
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