Property Condition Assessments (PCA)

ESI offers comprehensive professional engineering and site evaluation services for real estate investors, lenders and asset management companies. 

Founded in 1991, ESI has completed thousands of Property Condition Assessments and Commercial Building Inspections throughout the United States for the commercial real estate industry, including office buildings, apartment complexes, medical facilities, strip malls, college campuses and retail outlets.

Our professional staff consists of Civil, Forensic, Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineers, Architects, and Certified Environmental Inspectors.  We have the experience to provide the accurate, thorough information needed for informed decisions and reduced risk.

ESI follows the ASTM E 2018-15 Standards for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process.  A PCA contains four key elements: Documentation Review & Interviews, a Walk-Through Survey, Opinions of Probable Costs to Remedy Physical Deficiencies and a Property Condition Report.  ESI also provides an Executive Summary, outlining the Immediate, Short Term and Long Term/Replacement Reserve costs in an easy to read table.

Documentation Review & Interviews

All available construction drawings, available recorded data, and other related information to the site will be reviewed by our experienced staff for any potential issues.  Questionnaires are sent to the current property owners and management personnel to determine if there are any concerns to address.  

Walk-Through Survey

The site visit and building evaluation looks at the following components of the property:

The structural frame, building envelope and roofing system is evaluated to look for any indications of distress, deterioration or any other concerns for functionality.

Typical common areas, finishes and material building amenities or special features are assessed for current condition and required updating.

The electrical, HVAC, plumbing, gas distribution, fire protection and other systems are evaluated for operation and compliance.

Utilities, parking, drainage, appurtenances and site specific features are reviewed.

The property is checked for building & fire code compliance, zoning and ADA accessibility.

Opinions of Probable Costs to Remedy Physical Deficiencies:

Each deficiency is listed with an estimated cost of repair.  ESI's background in design and construction ensures accurate estimates.  Our varied engineering disciplines assure that recommended repairs will be cost effective, code compliant and will maximize useful life expectancies of the various building systems.  

Property Condition Report (PCR):

The final Property Condition Report contains a detailed listing of each component and its current condition.  Photographs document typical building conditions as well as specific issues addressed.  Our standard Executive Summary lists a time frame for repairs that require immediate attention, repairs that need to be completed in the short term, and ongoing maintenance or long term repairs.  The Executive Summary can be tailored to specific lender, investor or management requirements. 

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