What We Investigate

We provide fire origin & cause investigations for a variety of aviation related equipment, aircraft, and airport ground support vehicles. Aviation fire investigations can be extremely challenging and require an advanced level of understanding, experience, and professionalism. Aircraft are constructed to be lightweight and by design must carry large quantities of fuel. This means that aircraft do not perform similarly to other types of land vehicles in a fire incident. Aviation support equipment and airport vehicles are often uniquely designed for specific functions or purposes and pose unique challenges to fire investigators.

Aviation and airport ground support equipment we evaluate:

  • Pushback and aircraft tugs
  • Platform stairs
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Deicing equipment
  • Ground power units (GPU)
  • Remote aircraft tugs

Aircraft we can evaluate:

  • Light piston aircraft
  • Turboprop aircraft
  • Jet aircraft
  • Seaplanes
  • Rotorcraft
Aviation Fire Origin & Cause

Aviation related fires are complicated by varied materials, fuels, electrical and hydraulic systems. Different types or uses of aircraft can have extremely varied systems, maintenance requirements, and materials. Aviation ground support equipment can be used for transporting fuels, deicing fluid, and other chemicals which can greatly complicate the process of a fire investigation.

All these factors require an expert that is aware of not only the functions of the aircraft or equipment, but also the operational environment and maintenance requirements. We have the experience on a wide variety of aircraft and aviation related equipment to solve the problem of what has failed and why. Over more than 30 years evaluating failures, we have the experience needed to provide conclusive results when you need to know what has happened.

Depending on the scope of work, we can:

  • Investigate the aviation fire and find the origin and cause
  • Retain the equipment or affected parts and components
  • Conduct a destructive examination to pin-point the specific root cause
  • Provide litigation support

Reports as quickly as you need them:

  • Quick short-form verbal report
  • Written report with documentation
  • Comprehensive full report
We find you the facts to help move your investigation, litigation, or claim forward.
Detailed Aviation Fire Investigations

Our evaluations are thorough, containing photos and diagrams detailing origin and cause of the fire. We provide you a report that is both easy to read, yet sufficiently technical to provide clarity. Engineering Specialists, Inc. knows how to quickly get to your affected aviation equipment and find you the facts you need surrounding the fire incident to determine how to proceed.

Reports as quickly as you need them:

  • Quick short-form verbal report
  • Written report with documentation
  • Comprehensive
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