What We Evaluate

We can look at any type of consumer or commercial appliance and have investigated many high-profile, large-loss incidents. Over more than 25 years of business, we have examined thousands of different failures including those cause by degraded and failed components. We can accommodate very large items such as pressure vessels, turbines and engines, along with small or household appliances. Additionally, we can examine, test and store physical evidence gathered at a loss site.

Types of appliances we can evaluate for a failure:

  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Small household appliances
  • Furnaces and HVAC
  • Boilers and pressure vessels

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Why did it fail?

When an appliance or other product has been involved in a fire, you need answers. Engineering Specialists, Inc. can conduct a destructive analysis/testing to see what specifically has gone wrong. An unbiased review by a Licensed Professional Engineers is necessary to investigate the failure – and our team of can determine what happened.

Appliance failure destructive analysis and testing

  • Determine if item has experienced a failure
  • Determine origin & cause of failure
  • Consider user error or other factors
  • Analyze external factors like lightning or power surge

Reasons for failure can include:

  • Manufacturing or design defect
  • Item or component malfunction
  • User error or misuse

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Detailed Appliance Investigations

We conduct detailed investigations to find the origin and cause of failure for an appliance. Our forensic engineers have extensive experience determining the origin and cause of a failure to a variety of different appliances and pressure vessels.

Unbiased and scientifically defensible facts:

  • Was the equipment properly installed and operated?
  • Is there a design or manufacturing defect?
  • What are the possible failure modes?
  • Was the failure causal to a fire?

Get answers to questions surrounding your loss with a free consultation.

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