What We Evaluate

Water is one of the most destructive forces around and as a result flood and flooding related damage comes in many forms. Finding the full extent and cause of damage is of the utmost importance when trying to evaluate and property that has been affected by flooding. We find it, make recommendations on how to fix it – and offer tips for preventative measures.

Flood related damage can have a variety of different root causes:

  • Heavy or unusual rainfall
  • Saturating periods of rain
  • Melting of built up snow
  • Steep grades causing runoff
  • Impermeable rock or saturated soils
  • Compacted or dry soils
  • Poor grading or grade design

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Extent of Flood Damage

The full extent of damage from flooding can be difficult to assess as by its very nature water will penetrate through any gap. Floods can even cause significant structural damage when a property seems to have missed the runoff as a rising water table changes the soil properties underneath a structure.

We can evaluate the full extent of damage from a flood:

  • Contamination of soil or groundwater
  • Flooding related fires
  • Wood rot or damage to affected wood members
  • Damage or warping of wood finishes and flooring
  • Foundation damage from changing soils
  • Damage to interior finishes from water contact
  • Roof damage from ponding water or overload

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Hidden Flood Damages

Our extensive experience in evaluating flood and flooding related damage is a significant asset for evaluating the full extent of damage. With over 25 years looking at all types of structures, we have seen it all. Our objective is to give you the scientifically defensible facts you need to understand the full picture of what is damaged, when it was damaged and how it happened.

We have an intimate understanding of all types of flood related damage:

  • Hidden damage to HVAC systems
  • Damage to roof structures from ponding or overloading
  • Damage to interior finishes
  • Structural damage from changing soil properties
  • Damage to electrical and mechanical systems
  • Mold from changes in humidity and moisture

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