Engineering Specialists, Inc. offers forensic evaluations of structural damage for cause of failure.Since 1991, we have been applying our expertise to solve structural engineering problems throughout the United States. Our Structural Engineers have the experience necessary to thoroughly analyze a multitude of structural failures for buildings, components, and mechanisms.

Our clients include insurance companies, adjusters, attorneys, property owners, and mortgage lenders. We have extensive experience in evaluations of damage caused by natural disasters such as flood, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or lightning.

Even when the cause of damage appears straightforward; the options for repair often require the expertise of a structural engineering professional. ESI has experience in design, construction, and code compliance giving us a breadth of knowledge to find the most cost effective solutions.

We can clarify the cause of damage, the extent and explain the options for repairs for structural issues such as:

  • Foundation damage and settlement
  • Roof, floor, and wall framing distress and failures
  • Damage to structural members after fire, flood, storm, or earthquake
  • Parking garage and parking lot deterioration concerns
  • Water penetration issues
  • Retaining wall distress and failures
  • Structure and structural deterioration issues
  • OSHA load ratings and structural retrofits
  • Code compliance investigations

Contact us toll free at 1-877-559-4010 for a no obligation consultation.

In addition to structural forensic evaluations we also offer the following services:

  • Steel, Concrete, Timber, Masonry, and Plastic Analysis and Design
  • Building Design Evaluations
  • Site Analysis and Evaluations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Safety Audits
  • Building Condition Surveys – Property Condition Assessments
  • Analysis of Compliance with Building Codes