Engineering Specialists, Inc. offers forensic evaluations of property claims.ESI assists property owners, claims professionals, businesses, and attorneys in   assessment of the extent of damage and required restoration after fire, flood, earthquake, or storm damage.  Our teams of engineers have extensive experience in the many systems that make up a building including structural, mechanical and electrical systems.   We also have the necessary background to evaluate property damage to items such as communications towers or solar panels.

We can help define alternative, appropriate, cost effective solutions for repair or restoration of damaged property.

Of course, property damage is not always the result of a storm or natural disaster.  ESI can also investigate property damage as a result of product failure or human error.

Some examples of typical property damage investigations include:

  • Hail damage to roofs or exposed building components such as A/C compressors
  • Lightning damage to structures or electrical systems and equipment
  • Roof failure or collapse as a result of accumulated load, additional weight and snow drift
  • Water penetration issues resulting from maintenance, design or storm events
  • Assessment of extent of damage due to earthquakes
  • Tornado or high wind damage to buildings and equipment
  • Assessment of extent of damage due to fire
  • Origin and cause of retaining wall failures
  • Origin and cause of interior damage due to hose leaks or sprinkler system failures
  • Origin and cause analysis of frost/ moisture or mold in attic spaces
  • Evaluation of damage caused by construction activities

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