What We Evaluate

Whether your residential structure has an asphalt shingle, dimensional shingle, wood shake, wood shingle, concrete tile, clay tile or modified bitumen flat roof we are here to assist you. Our company has been evaluating all types of residential roofs for single-family homes and multi-family structures for over 25 years. We can evaluate the extent of damage, origin and cause of damage, timing of damage, source of water intrusion, evaluate bad installs or advise you on how to fix any issue.

We conduct an inspection of the residential roof and structure to evaluate for:

  • Ponding water or improper drainage
  • Roof installation issues
  • Improper material selection
  • Flashing and light gauge metal installation/placement

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Extent of Damage

We can discover the extent of damage from all kinds of residential roof incidents and issues. Hidden damage may lie in wait, such as with water intrusion which may cause wood rot or penetrate into the habitable sections of the structure damaging interior finishes.

We find the full extent and cause of residential roof related damage:

  • Reduction in usable life of the roof covering
  • Missing, cracked or curled shingles
  • Damage to soffits or overhangs
  • Damage to substrate or roof decking
  • Damage to wood framing
  • Damage to mechanical or electrical equipment in attics
  • Damage to interior finished surfaces

We find you the facts to help move your investigation, litigation, or claim forward.

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Residential Roofing Experts

Our extensive experience is a significant asset for evaluating the full extent of damage or other issues related to a residential roof covering. With over 25 years looking at all types of structures and roof coverings, we have seen it all. We can quickly identify maintenance issues, installation issues, manufacturer defect of roofing materials or other factors and give you the scientifically defensible facts you need to understand the full picture of what happened.

We have an intimate understanding of residential roof:

  • Repairs and modifications
  • Installations and construction methods
  • Replacements and proper methods
  • Security and proper sealing

Get answers to questions surrounding your loss with a free consultation.

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