Engineering Specialists, Inc. offers forensic evaluations of all types of residential roofing claims.ESI performs residential roof covering evaluations for homeowners, insurance companies or other interested parties.  ESI’s services include:

Roof Condition Assessments

  • Origin & cause of damage and/or distress to roof coverings, decking, structural supports, parapets, skylights and gutters
  • Estimation of scope and cost of repairs
  • Specifications for modifying the roof
  • Analysis of structural roof framing and components
  • Analysis and review for code compliance
  • Design of structural framing modifications

Storm Damage Analysis

  • Clarify origin & cause of natural disaster damage and/or distress
  • Resolution of disputes between insured & insurer
  • Umpire services for damage appraisals
  • Determining total or partial loss
  • Recommendations for cost effective remediation

Experienced Engineers

ESI has evaluated thousands of residential roofs since 1991.  Our structural, civil and mechanical engineers have the experience in roofing design, as well as roofing inspections.  This understanding gives us the ability to thoroughly and accurately assess roof conditions and cause of damages.

ESI has worked with property owners and insurance companies on disputed storm damage claims, documenting the physical evidence to facilitate mutual agreements.  Roof damage can come from hail storms, high winds or tornadoes, ice damming or the weight of snow buildup.  Different roof coverings will withstand storm damage to different extents.  ESI can distinguish hail impact marks as opposed to other damage, like poor ventilation, defective shingles, poor quality installation, or intentional and unintentional mechanical damage.

ESI has assessed a variety of residential roof coverings such as asphalt shingle, wood shake, or slate, concrete and clay tiles, asbestos tiles and standing seam metal panels.  Roof covering types have different expected life spans, which can be shortened by poor ventilation design, defective materials, poor quality installation, inadequate drainage or improper flashing and storm damage.  These issues can also cause distress, roof failure or collapse, blistering, cracking and/or separation of coverings, discoloration, deteriorated roof decking, interior water penetration and stains.

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