Confirmation of Lightning Strike Damage

We can evaluate if a lightning strike occurred and the full extent of damage. Although not always immediately clear to the naked eye, lightning can cause catastrophic damage to any property. Lightning strikes can ignite fires, cause damage to hidden electrical systems, affect mechanical systems and components or increase the future risk of a fire.

We can evaluate lightning strikes for potential damage to:

  • Appliances and HVAC systems
  • Electronics and electrical equipment
  • Computers and server systems
  • Phone and security systems
  • Electrical fixtures and wiring
Extent of Lightning Strike Damage

As with most property damage claims, the main challenge when assessing a lightning strike is finding the full extent of damage. Lightning typically strikes in a concentrated area and often high up and out of sight. Lightning also travels through the structure along metal lines, conduit and wiring that is hidden by drywall or cladding. Finding the full extent of lightning related damage requires the use of experts who know where to look.

We find the full extent of lightning related damage:

  • Is there damage to appliances or electronics?
  • Are the phone, security or other electrical systems affected?
  • Were mechanical equipment or gas lines affected?
We find you the facts to help move your investigation, litigation, or claim forward.

Lightning Strike Analysis

Analyzing the extent of damage from a lightning strike requires knowledge of electricity, electrical system, construction methods and forensic analysis. Our firm has been evaluating damage from lightning strikes for over 25 years. We can confirm for you the presence of lightning related damage, the full extent of damage and when the damage occurred. If required, we can also make recommendations for how to correct all affected systems and components. Our goal is to give you the scientifically defensible facts you need to understand the full picture of what has been damaged and what the effects will be.

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