Engineering Specialists, Inc. offers forensic evaluations of earthquake related damage for complete extent of damage.Following an earthquake, it is imperative that buildings, especially ones that are visibly damaged, be evaluated by a professional structural engineer. This clears your building for reoccupation and makes sure that any repairs are addressed for safe reoccupation.

A post-earthquake inspection is conducted at the site of the building, and involves detailed observation of the entire structure’s condition. Building codes and design will be focused on keeping lives safe during an earthquake. An inspection is the only way to confirm that the structure is safe to be in, for any length of time after an event.

In addition to the visual observation, selected connections and structural elements are also evaluated. ESI’s structural engineers have experience in earthquake damage analysis as well extensive knowledge of building codes. This experience and knowledge works together to make sure your building is safe and secure after an event.

If you or your business has suffered a loss from an earthquake it is critical that an inspection is taken care of and any necessary repairs are made to ensure the safety of not only the occupants of the building, but surrounding structures as well.

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