What Has Been Damaged?

Sometimes earthquakes can cause damage that is hidden but may be serious enough to cause significant future problems. Seismic codes have evolved a lot over the past few decades, and quickly. This means that many structures have been designed without taking into account the actual shaking motions the earthquake is likely to cause. Since most structural elements are designed to be concealed by drywall or cladding it’s important to hire somebody to evaluate your potential earthquake damage who knows where to look.

Some examples of earthquake damage:

  • Shifting of the foundation or structure
  • General ground displacement
  • Cracking to block foundation or masonry
  • Spalling of poured concrete
  • Soil liquefaction
Can It Be Fixed?

Damage does not have to render structural components or an entire structure unusable. Many types of earthquake damage that may look irreparable can be corrected and improved. Our extensive experience in construction, retrofits of existing structures and analyzing structural damage means we have the expertise to solve your issues. We can evaluate earthquake damage and recommend options on how to correct the issues, giving you flexibility for the most budget-friendly solutions.

Steps to determine extent of earthquake damage and solutions to correct:

  • Post-Earthquake Inspection
  • Detailed observation of structure’s condition and construction
  • Evaluations of selected connections and structural elements
  • Consultation to determine options
  • Specify and detail solutions for correcting structural issues
We find you the facts to help move your investigation, litigation, or claim forward.

Seismic Evaluation Experts

Evaluating damage to a structure after an earthquake is a complicated process that requires extensive knowledge of building codes, structural engineering, construction methods and practical solutions. With over 25 years of engineering experience evaluating structural issues and recommending solutions to correct them, you can be sure we will find you the best economic and practical solution.

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