Engineering Specialists, Inc. offers forensic investigations of commercial buildings for fire origin and cause.Commercial fires include most non-residential spaces other than industrial/manufacturing facilities. According to theĀ NFPA, there were over 113,000 non-residential structure fires in 2015 resulting in 80 deaths and over 3 Billion Dollars in property damage. Due to the complex nature of commercial fire investigations, there are often times many parties involved such as those representing the building owner, building insurance, tenant, tenant insurance, and any representatives for the manufacturers of any appliances/products or other possible ignition sources. The building types that include commercial fire investigations are:

When fires happen in a commercial building, they are more likely to be confined to one room and extinguished quickly. The majority of office buildings have fire sprinkler systems and fewer sources of fuel than in a residential fire. ESI can determine the Origin and Cause of the fire incident.

Fires are common in restaurants because of several factors. Often, decorations in a restaurant involve things like candles, lamps, drapes, or wall decorations, which can either cause or exacerbate a fire. Kitchen fires are also extremely common, where there are various cooking and other appliances.

Hotel fires can be unexpected, and can endanger all guests. The majority of severe fires happen when people are unaware, namely when sleeping.