Hail, Wind & Lightning Related Damage

Storms can cause immense damage to any property from hail impact damage or wind damage to roofs and cladding, water intrusion or even lightning. Severe storms and natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes present similar damage but an order of magnitude more severe. It can be difficult to evaluate the full extent of damage from storms and severe storms, which can cause a variety of different issues.
Storms can cause many different types of damage:

  • Granular loss of the roof covering
  • Bruised membranes from hail impact
  • Wind related damage to cladding or glass
  • Lightning related fires or damage to electrical systems

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Extent of Damage

Our firm can discover the extent of damage from all types of storm damage. Hail damage can cause a variety of visible and hidden damage as well as reducing the usable life of the roof covering. Wind can tear apart roofs and cladding as well as exacerbate moisture/water intrusion into the structure. Lightning can damage electrical systems causing issues that may increase the risk of a future fire – or take out systems altogether. Hidden damage may lie in wait, such as with water intrusion which may cause wood rot or penetrate into the habitable sections of the structure damaging interior finishes.

We evaluate the full extent of damage from hail, wind and lightning

  • Flooding and water intrusion
  • Roof covering damage
  • Exterior cladding damage
  • Damage to light gauge metal
  • Structural damage from severe storms

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Storm, Wind & Hail Damage Experts

Our extensive experience in evaluating all types of hail, wind, lightning and severe storm damage is a significant asset for evaluating the full extent of damage. With over 25 years looking at all types of structures, cladding and roof coverings, we have seen it all. Our objective is to give you the scientifically defensible facts you need to understand the full picture of what is damaged, when it was damaged and how it happened.

We have an intimate understanding of all types of storm related damage:

  • Hail / hailstone impact damage and spatter
  • Damage to roof coverings and cladding
  • Wind related damage
  • Lightning related damage
  • Tornado and hurricane related damage

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