We Find Why A Product or Component Failed

We have provided origin and cause determinations for a variety of products from generator failures to communication tower collapses. Our clients include manufacturers, property owners, attorneys, and insurance professionals. 

We work with our clients to first detail the specific goals of the investigation.  Whether the focus is on determining liability, identifying if your component is a contributing cause, the circumstances surrounding the incident, or designing methods to prevent future occurrences;  ESI will conduct a thorough analysis and provide appropriate documentation to satisfy both technical and non-technical users.   We can also provide expert witness services if required.

Types of Failures We Can Evaluate

  • Mechanical Failures.  Mechanical engineers analyze if components are interacting properly as intended by the design.  Mechanical failure investigations are completed on a wide range of items including commercial and residential equipment and components, passenger vehicles, and agricultural machinery.
  • Structural Failures.  Structural engineers perform scientific investigations, research and analysis to determine the causes of structural distress and/or failures.  They also design and detail repairs and/or replacements of structures and components.  A communications tower overstressed or failed by wind and storm damage is one example of a typical structural evaluation for product failure.  Click here for more information on complete Structural Evaluations.
  • Electrical Failures.  Forensic engineers will also diagnose how an electrical component may have contributed to a product failure.  Electrical events such as lightning strikes and damaging power surges are investigated.

Contact Us About Your Product Failure

Many product failures are a result of a combination of structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, and whether they have been maintained and used as intended by the original design.   If fire is a cause, or the result, of a failure, ESI has certified fire and explosion investigators to ensure a thorough analysis.

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