Extent of Hail Related Damage

Spring and summer storms bring hail damage. Large hail can damage roofing materials by exposing the roof surface and compromising the water shedding ability of the roof covering. When hail damage goes unrepaired, the roof will show premature wear and deterioration, and can cause interior problems and leaks. The full extent of damage from hail is hard to see, but Engineering Specialists, Inc. can find everything that is damaged – and confirm when it happened.

Hail impact can cause many different types of damage:

  • Granular loss of the roof covering
  • Blistering and splitting
  • Bruised membranes from hail impact
  • Fracturing of the surface
  • Punctures, tears and cuts of the roof covering or membrane
  • Damage to light gauge metal
  • Holes or factures to siding and cladding
  • Reduction in roof covering’s water shedding ability
  • Damage to windows and other glass
Confirmation of Hail Related Damage

Once hail damage is confirmed the second step is to determine when it occurred. It is not uncommon to have several significant storms each hail season.

We can confirm the presence of damage when it happened:

  • Inspection of entire property and surrounding areas
  • Evaluation of roof covering to identify and confirm damage
  • Evaluation of roof structure and exposed surfaces for confirmation
  • Evaluation of entire property for full extent of damage
  • Examination of surrounding areas for confirmation of hail
We find you the facts to help move your investigation, litigation, or claim forward.

Hail Damage Experts

Our extensive experience in evaluating hail / hailstone impact related damage is a significant asset for evaluating your property. We can confirm for you the presence of damage, the full extent of damage and when the damage occurred. If required, we can also make recommendations for how to correct the damage and stop future issues before the happen. With over 25 years looking at all types of structures and roof coverings, we have seen it all. Our objective is to give you the scientifically defensible facts you need to understand the full implications of the damage.

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