Engineering Specialists, Inc. offers forensic evaluations of property damage to commercial buildings and roofs.Whether you are an insurance adjuster, contractor or a property owner, we can quickly and accurately assess damages.

What ESI can provide for you:

  • Roof Condition Assessments
  • Origin & cause of roof leaks & water penetration
  • Origin & cause of chimney discoloration
  • Origin & cause of blistering, cracking and/or separation of rooftop coverings or membranes
  • Evaluation of damage to roof components such as HVAC units, skylights, and gutters
  • Itemized reports of necessary repairs for cost effective remediation
  • Structural assessments of roof framing and ceiling rafters

Storm Damage Analysis

  • Hail, wind and ice build-up loss claim evaluations
  • Analysis and assessment of roof damage and/or roof replacement due to storms
  • Extent of an ambiguous claim
  • Umpire services and resolution of disputes between insured & insurer
  • Structural assessment of structural distress, roof failure or collapse as a result of accumulated loads, additional weight or snow drift

Experienced Engineers

Roof investigations are a major element of ESI’s services.  Our civil, mechanical and structural professional engineers have been conducting commercial and industrial roofing damage investigations for more than 25 years.  ESI’s background in design & build engineering, combined with field experience, ensures quality assessments.

ESI has worked with a wide range of commercial roof coverings, including spray polyurethane foam, EPDM (fully adhered, ballasted or mechanically fastened),TPO, modified bitumen, Durolast, tar & gravel, rolled asphalt sheet, metal, fiberglass roof deck and standing seam metal panels.

Roof Condition Assessments

An assessment can include drainage analysis, construction failure or defect evaluation, structural member analysis, code compliance, load analysis or roof leaks and water intrusion inspections.  ESI offers estimated scope and cost of repairs for correcting the roof.  Our structural engineers can design truss repairs or other modifications, and can recommend building restoration specifications or waterproofing techniques.

Storm Damage Analysis

Various types of roof coverings are affected by hail impact or wind uplift damage to different extents.  We know how commercial roofing materials will react to hailstone size or high winds.  We can recognize hail marks versus other damage, like poor ventilation, defective materials or poor quality installation.  ESI evaluates the evidence of damage present on the roof and can recommend if total replacement or partial replacement is necessary.

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