Recent Earthquakes Near Ridgecrest

A series of earthquakes occurred near Ridgecrest, California between Seqouia National Park and Death Valley National Park, starting on July 4, 2019. A 6.4 earthquake on the Moment Magnitude scale at approximately 10:33 AM in a sparsely populated area of San Bernadino County. This earthquake was followed by over 1400 aftershocks with varying intensity.

A 7.1 earthquake occurred at 8:19 PM on July 5, 2019 near the same location as the 6.4 foreshock earthquake.

The effects of the two larger foreshock and mainshock near Ridgecrest were widespread, with reports of shaking as far as the Bay Area and Las Vegas. The Los Angeles metropolitan area also felt the effects of both, though at this time no significant damage has been reported outside of the main areas where the earthquakes occurred.

Hidden Damage

Earthquakes can cause hidden damage to structures and mechanical components.